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Why Yoga REALLY Works Now

You all know yoga is a pretty big part of my life. It's where I go when I need some grounding, some comfort, some strength and even to express my gratitude. My daily practice has ebbed and flowed over the last 20+ years but right now, I'm leaning on it hard. You know why? Yoga is a devotional practice that has the power to create positive change in the world through physical postures that are good for us and most days, make us feel good. It's a moving prayer.

Do Something

I don't know about you, but I need to feel like I can do something about this predicament we're in. I need to know that humanity is joining together to send good vibes out into the world to heal us. And for me, that starts on my yoga mat.

Whether you're a seasoned yogi or new to the practice, you have the same devotional opportunity. Begin your practice by setting an intention or dedication, consciously link it to your breath -- which is the foundation and rhythm of your practice -- and then get to work with your poses. Throughout your practice use your breath both as a way to gather information about the physical part of your practice but also as your cue to reconnect with your dedication or intention throughout your practice.

Doing good is self-care

Yoga is a win-win. You're doing something good for your body and mind AND you're putting something good out into the world. Not to mention, it's something easily done on your own at home. I have made some videos to help you get started with your home practice. They are posted on my Youtube Channel. Watch the "Home Practice Introduction" video that explains how to use them and stay tuned for more to come.

Fundraiser Friday Yoga!

And finally, please join me again this week for Fundraiser Friday yoga on Zoom. Buy your tickets here. Tickets are pay-what-you-can but please know that if you just can't do it this time around, you are still welcome to join. Just send me a note and I'll forward you the Zoom info.

Thank you, friends!

For those of you who participated in last week’s Friday Fundraiser Yoga, collectively, the 30 of us raised more than $1,000 for the SF-Marin Food Bank and ODC/Rhythm & Motion Emergency Dancer’s Fund. I am so inspired by the group that gathered on my computer screen and in my living room with me (and daughter/tech guru Ella) last Friday. I don’t know about you, but the good vibes we generated have lifted my spirits and I’m inspired to keep it going. So please join me again this Friday to fundraise for two new causes (described below.) Get your tickets here and please feel free to invite a friend or two!:)

This is my home yoga studio during last week's Friday class.

GLIDE Let's not forget about San Francisco's most vulnerable population, served reliably with grace and dignity, by our friends at GLIDE Memorial church. In the face of the Coronavirus pandemic, GLIDE continues to adapt to the ever-changing landscape to provide free, hot meals and other essential services to vulnerable residents in San Francisco’s Tenderloin community. Owing to the citywide need to lower the community spread of coronavirus, GLIDE has adjusted some of its operations to maintain essential services while protecting the health and safety of its clients, staff and the general public.

SF Giants Event Staff Emergency Relief Fund (url to come) Many of you probably know that this Friday, April 3 was scheduled to be the SF Giants Home Opener for the 2020 season. Sadly, baseball season is on hold for the time being. So, in honor of the Giants Home Opening Day, let's raise funds for their 3,000+ employees who will be without work during the Covid19-related shutdown. SF Giants ownership, management, and front office employees have started a fund to benefit the event staff employees who will be without work during the shutdown. Given the number of those employees and the possible duration of the shutdown, the Giants seek to grow the fund to better meet the needs of the ballpark employees.

I look forward to seeing you Friday. Until then, be well! In Health,

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