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Nikki Pearl

Hi! I’m Nikki, an integrative health educator.  My mission is to support individuals and groups in mindfully building

a lifestyle of health.  

Nikki Pearl

Integrative Health Educator, Well-Being & Culture Advisor, Yoga Instructor

My passion is shining a light on people and groups that need health and wellness support, and helping them create a culture of health wherever they are


I help companies develop well-being and culture programs to ensure their mission-based values have a healthful impact on their employees and communities. I also work with small groups and individuals to help them create a lifestyle that supports their health. My background in natural foods marketing informs my communication sensibility, and also brings an appreciation of nutrition and sustainability to my work. I have worked in the corporate wellness environment for more than 15 years, and have pioneered integrative health concepts and programs in the workplace, most recently for the San Francisco Giants. 

I have a Masters in Integral Health Studies from the California Institute of Integral Studies and completed my undergraduate education at the University of Oregon.  I am a certified yoga instructor of 24 years and. I live in San Francisco with my husband, two kids and two dogs.


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Nikki Pearl
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