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It feels more important than ever to focus on daily well-being, as both a disease-prevention strategy and a constant, thoughtful fine-tuning towards a healthy lifestyle.  Let me help you create your unique culture of health.

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I believe that health is the foundation for living our fullest life.  Without health, we may not realize all the joy, success, connection and purpose in our lives.   And health is directly impacted by the many seemingly small choices we make every day. These choices together give shape to our lives and overall well-being.


Corporate Well-Being & Culture Programs:

If you’re part of a small to medium sized company seeking a healthy cultural shift in your workplace, let’s talk. 


Small to medium-sized companies often have the flexibility to tailor programs that reflect their values as well as support their employees’ growth and interests.  This specialized program development leads to high employee engagement, improved health outcomes and a stronger work community. 


With this in mind, I work with companies on a strategic level to help them determine their unique priorities — perhaps to address the dominant health risks of employees or to rethink their work culture messaging — and then develop programming to support those priorities.

Wellness Fairs, Health Panels, Events and On-going Classes

Do you need help with your company's health fair? Do you want to offer an on-site mind-body class to your employees? Do you need a health expert for your employee event? 

I teach mind-body health classes at all-staff events, health fairs and team-building retreats, I work with companies to create tailored health education experiences for their employees.

Menopause Coaching + Workshops:

I help women actively manage the diverse physical, emotional, psychological and lifestyle factors shaping their midlife experience. I provide menopause education, resources and tools to ignite your do-it-yourself spirit that helps you become your best self-health advocate. If you're interested in joining other women in this work, check out my workshop schedule at  "Menopausitive Workshop" 

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Nikki’s knowledge of yoga, health and wellness came together to inspire and support our company’s goal of building a more supportive culture of health. Employee engagement and the sense of community at Axiom improved with Nikki’s help.

Mehul Patel,

EVP, Axiom

Nikki radiates a powerful Zen: wise, calm, patient, insightful, determined. Her knowledge of wellness is profound and through her efforts, our Wellness Programs have broadened and been embraced by employees.


Michael Paolercio,

Director of Employee Assistance Programs, San Francisco Giants

Nikki is an outstanding leader in the wellness space. She brings a unique blend of strategic vision and powerful intuition to health and wellness. Her style is collaborative, participant centered and action oriented. She is a delight to work with!

David Perls,

Founder, Shinebright

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