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WFH- Workstation Health

By now, we all have set up our at-home workstations and are chugging along with our daily tasks. But, come to find out, working from home brings with it a whole new set of challenges. Besides setting up your home work station in a comfortable place, keeping your work essentials organized and available, and getting your technology ducks in a row, there is also the body-care (also known as ergonomics) piece. This gives us a little more to consider when creating our at-home work station. According to the journal Ergonomics, the most important thing you can do to support your health in your workstation is to vary your postures throughout the day. Developing an awareness of where your body is in space as related to your tasks throughout the day will help you get started in structuring your healthy work habits. From there, make an effort to minimize repetitive motions and static postures. Determining the right balance of sitting, standing and moving to enhance your health throughout the day is the art of ergonomics — and you are the best artist for that job. Use the below infographic as general set-up guidelines for enhancing your space and your work habits throughout the day. Dignity Health ergonomist, Francine Plave, suggests a handy way of organizing work chunks throughout the day: 20 minutes of sitting, 10 minutes of standing, 2 minutes of walking. Rinse and repeat. Above all, get into the habit of checking in with your body. If you’re feeling fatigued, likely it’s your body needing to move.

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