There are many choices to be made each day in the pursuit of health and well-being.  My hope is that the well-being buzz can support and inspire your efforts to prioritize a healthy lifestyle. I want to ignite your do-it-yourself spirit for this creative and important project. I want to help you make informed choices that are right for you, as well as keep you in the conversation by providing information about health-related products, services, activities and research.   Join the movement and let’s do this together!


Negative Brain, Positive Psychology

Finding Some Shame-Free Middle Ground I read a study a few weeks ago about how our brains are naturally wired to hold on to negative experiences over positive ones. Apparently it is connected with our “fight or flight” response and our biological wiring for survival. This isn’t new information — neuroscientists have been studying this genetic predisposition for many years and psychology has focused on our negative brains for decades — but what is new is the exploration of the connection between this scientific fact and the field of positive psychology. Positive Psychology was brought to the forefront of American culture by Martin Seligman, former American Psychology Association presid

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