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Earth Day at Home

Happy Earth Day! There’s something about this at-home situation that makes us look to nature for comfort, rejuvenation and connection. While we can’t go to an Earth Day event this year, we can celebrate our natural world in different ways. Below is a curated list of ways that you can add a little Earth Day celebrating in to your week.


Connect with plants and animals through photos and digital streaming.

• Dive into a coral reef exhibit with The Monterey Bay Aquarium.

• Explore underwater at the Channel Islands National Park with the park service.

• Browse the plant collections at The San Francisco Botanical Gardens or gaze upon the daffodil display with The New York Botanical Garden.

• Virtually wrangle at a ranch with The Nature Conservancy.


Watch films and videos related to our environment.

• Watch the premiere of The Story of Plastic, a new documentary about the toll of plastic pollution worldwide. Aired on the Discovery Channel today at 2:00 PST. Available on Discovery Channel streaming service as of 4/15 and also through various community groups. Do some local research to find it in your area.

• Starting today, EarthxFilm will be streaming new short and feature-length films that bring dozens of environmental issues to life. Check out the full movie lineup here.

• Watch Dark Waters, a true story of an attorney who linked unexplained deaths to Dow Chemical’s environmental irresponsibility. Available to rent on Amazon Prime. (My friends at the Environmental Working Group told me about this one so this is what I'm watching tonight!)


Up your Environmental IQ with one of these:

• Check out Zero-waster Shannon Kenny's site and learn how lower your consumption at home

• Learn about crafting a conscious closet. Read this and explore the concept of ethical fashion.

• Explore herbalism and gardening with an on-line class at Scarlet Sage in San Francisco. Try this one called "Elderberries and Butterflies." The name alone will make you want to sign up!

• Watch this! 10 TEDWomen talks from over the years that highlight innovative ideas, cutting-edge science, and the power that each of us has to safeguard our planet and make our world better for everyone.

• Be an informed shopper. The Environmental Working Group’s 2020 “Dirty Dozen/Clean 15” Guide to Produce is available to print out from their website. Print it out or download on your phone as an easy reference for produce purchases that make a difference for you AND the earth.

Get Outside

Step outside, take a walk and soak up some vitamin D from this beautiful day. And remember, despite this strange time, it’s still a beautiful world out there.

Inspired by Earth Day, I put together a Spotify playlist. I hope you enjoy it.

In Health & Love,

1 Comment

Apr 23, 2020

What great suggestions Nikki. Thank you!

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