There are many choices to be made each day in the pursuit of health and well-being.  My hope is that the well-being buzz can support and inspire your efforts to prioritize a healthy lifestyle. I want to ignite your do-it-yourself spirit for this creative and important project. I want to help you make informed choices that are right for you, as well as keep you in the conversation by providing information about health-related products, services, activities and research.   Join the movement and let’s do this together!


Cultivate Kindness

“It is most important that the heart responds when there is an opportunity — that we are moved to care for others rather than getting so stuck in our own head. If we can’t recognize opportunities to help people in need, mostly it’s our own loss. Small gestures of kindness transform us; they show us the best part of our mind and connect us to others in the best possible way.” -Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche While standing in line at the grocery the other day, my eyes were drawn to a publication on the magazine rack called "How to Live With More Love." I know it sounds kind of corny but love has really been on my mind lately. Not the passionate, madly-in-love kind of love (although that's good

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